Eco "Domestic Line"

  1. Single-stage burners (Eco), single-stage burners with pre-heater (Eco R) and single-stage burners with long nozzle distributor (Eco L).
  2. Suitable for medium pressurisation boilers.
  3. Low emissions.
  4. Combustion head control.
  5. Burner-external combustion air control.
  6. Air shutter with gravity stop flap.
  7. Stabilised ventilation.
  8. Excellent combustion thanks to the uniform distribution of air.
  9. Soundproof bonnet and for models Eco 3 - Eco 3R - Eco 5 N - Eco 5 RN with soundproofing inside.
  10. Compact size.

Installation and maintenance:

Easy installation and maintenance thanks to the universal perforation mobile flange (sliding from model ECO 8).

Accessories supplied:

Line filter, 2 flexible hoses, nozzle, nozzle spanner and boiler insulating seal.


Eco burners are certified EC.

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