Em2-E "Domestic Line"

  1. Two-stage burners.
  2. Suitable for pressurised boilers.
  3. For methane gas or LPG operation (for mod. Em16/2-E - Em 26/2-E - a conversion kit is necessary).
  4. Gas ramp with stabiliser, dual valve and filter.
  5. Low emissions.
  6. External combustion head control.
  7. Electrical servo-control on the air shutter.
  8. Stabilised ventilation.
  9. Excellent combustion thanks to the uniform distribution of air.
  10. Soundproof bonnet.
  11. Compact size.
  12. Can be combined with various types of gas ramps for ultimate versatility.
  13. Supplied in 2 boxes (Burner + Gas ramp).

Installation and maintenance:

Fitted with full inspection hinge (mod. Em 26/2-E - Em 40/2-E).
Easy installation thanks to the universal perforation mobile flange.

Accessories supplied:

Accessory set kit. Methane to LPG conversion kit (for mod. Em 16/2-E - Em 26/2-E). Valve seal control kit.


Em/2-E burners are certified EC.

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