About The S.A. Incinerator Co. (Pty) Ltd

The S.A. Incinerator Co. (Pty) Ltd manufactures incinerators and is a major supplier throughout South Africa and neighbouring countries. We service and maintain our incinerators and provide an information service to Government departments, Consulting Engineers, Mines, Abattoirs and Hospitals, giving full details on the incinerator required and the price.

We install, service and maintain the incinerators and provide an information service to Architects, Government Departments, Consulting Engineers and Hospitals. Full details are given on the incinerator and the price.

The incinerators are the multiple chamber retort type, built to the design standards of the Los Angeles Air pollution Control District modified and improved.

These incinerators are used for the destruction of all types of burnable solid waste and can be used for small quantities of liquids.

It is without doubt that incineration is the ultimate process for the safe, hygenic, disposal of contaminated waste. By virtue of the very nature of these wastes, they may not be recycled nor desposed of in landfill sites. Dumping, or burying of this waste results in contamination of underground water or rivers. The spread of Cholera, Typhoid and Plague is checked by the incineration of the contaminated waste. There is little doubt that the Cholera epidemic in Kwa-Zulu Natal was caused by not incinerating clinical waste. It is no wonder that the great fire of London ended the Black Death.

We manufacture and supply the PARK ROYAL medical examination lamps. Suppliers of emergency mobile mains and battery operating theatre lamps. The lamp head is from Taiwan and the charger is South African. Suppliers to the Provincial Departments of Hospital Services.