What is incineration?

Incineration is the process of the destruction of waste by converting the organic material to carbon dioxide and water vapour by fire. Ash is the incombustible inorganic residue.

The S.A. Incinerator Co. (Pty) Ltd makes incinerators in which this process takes place efficiently and in compliance with the SOUTH AFRICAN ATMOSPHERIC POLLUTION PREVENTION ACT, 1965. "GUIDELINES FOR THE DESIGN, INSTALLATION AND OPERATION OF INCINERATORS." as amended 97/11/17, by the Department of Environmental Affairs and Tourism ref: 23/4/2/000.

Our incinerators are the natural draught, multiple chamber, retort type, built to the design standards of the Los Angeles Air pollution Control District, modified and improved. Our incinerators are proprietary products and although some parts can be changed to suite Consulting Engineers specifications, they basically remain our standard. We tender to our specifications for the various capacities.

The important features are:

  1. Multiple chamber design to Los Angeles Air pollution Control District Standards.
  2. Monolithic construction.
  3. Built-in emission control.
  4. Heated refractory screen.
  5. Grit settling chamber.
  6. Stainless steel arrestor.
  7. Door operated draught breaker.
  8. Heated primary and secondary air.
  9. Automatic temperature control if required on oil or gas fired units.

The incinerators can be OIL, GAS OR COAL FIRED or when burning high BTU waste such as paper, need no auxiliary fuel. They are manufactured in the Republic of South Africa and country wide service is available.

An important feature is that most parts are standard and can be obtained from from the SA. Incinerator Company (Pty) Ltd.